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"This is my passion right now. The moment of the deepest recognition (whether it happens to you over 100 moments or in one moment) is just the beginning. Realizing one's true nature-that's just the beginning. Then it becomes about embodying that in one's human life and in the world. No one can do that for us. That's what I would like to offer people: the message that we have to do this ourselves, and, we can. We have the ability. Since 'the way' is unique, there comes a time when we need to leave behind the teacher and teachings. There's a marvelous quote by Osho about this. He says that you have to find your own source, not be a follower, an imitator." 

Excerpt from Ordinary Women Extraordinary Wisdom: the Feminine Face of Awakening 
by Rita Marie Robinson

"Awakening is not an event, its an ever-deepening unfoldment into living and embodying our divine essence in a fully human way."

"Concepts themselves aren't a 'problem'. Suffering arises when we believe concepts without inquiring directly into their validity. We can go beyond suffering through investigating the truth of our living experience instead of believing the mind's interpretation of what is."

 "Something seems to be happening at this time. Its about celebrating our humanness. Its about realizing that a human being is an art form. It's about allowing this human experience to be the rich, lush, dramatic, painful, ecstatic experience that it is. " 


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