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“Karen holds the consciousness frequency of Presence with grace and gentleness, thus facilitating the emergence and growth of Presence within each participant. My love and blessings go to her and all the wonderful people attending her sessions.” 

Eckhart Tolle

"Karen is an expression of clarity, grace and strength. Utterly real and playful, she artfully embodies the transmission of the True Heart and wisdom. I highly recommend her gatherings."

Pamela Wilson


"I was inspired by the way Karen described her passion and her love for our unique humanness."

Rita Marie Robinson

Excerpted from Ordinary Women Extraordinary Wisdom: the Feminine Face of Awakening 

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom and great energy with us; You were a powerful inspiration to many." 

Cindy Parlee, New Brunswick Organizer - Symposium on Spiritual Enlightenment

"Entering the profound stillness & beauty of the Buddha field with Karen has blessed my life immensely. I love attending her weekly gatherings. They offer a way of deepening my "practice" and communing with others in the field of stillness. Karen generously shares her delightful & loving Presence."

Moni Vangolen, Vancouver, B.C.

"We really grew from the sessions with you. I learned things from being with you about enhancing Presence that could only be learned through sitting with you. "

"The way that you guided us into a state of Presence and helped us all to maintain it throughout the sessions was wonderful. Thank you so much for being available to guide us all on our shared awakening. "

Paul Sadler, Salt Spring Island, B.C.



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